OLLI at UNLV Spring 2021


Learn more about the OLLI at UNLV, Osher Network, and becoming a member of our lifelong learning community as well as review some of our most frequently asked questions. 


In Membership Resources you will find access to pay your membership fee online, review upcoming content, learn about media resources including Great Courses & the OLLI Member Library and more!


In the Zoom portal, you will be able to review Zoom discussion group best practices, equipment needs, videos on troubleshooting common issues, and more!  


Member Only Access

Content now available


Member Only Access

Content now available. 

Member Only Content

All class content is property of OLLI at UNLV Volunteer instructors and all Additional Content - Great Courses, Great Decisions, TED Talks, Virtual Tours, and more- are included in Membership Benefits. 

Current members are able to access all content by creating a Member Account.


You must activate your member account each semester by creating a username and password. Your username will be a valid email address. You must then create a password. If you purchase a multiple semester membership, you may use the same email and password, but you will need to create a new one each term for validation. Please note, you will  need to keep your password in a safe place as OLLI at UNLV does not have access to this information.


The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

~ Malcom S. Forbes

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